The Opening Ceremony in the Main Arena on 22 September will be at 7.35pm, followed by Sam Perry, the one man orchestra, armed with only a loop station, effect pedal and microphone. Sam is able to create layer upon layer of haunting vocal harmonies, heavy basslines and break-beat, beat boxed rhythms – live on the spot.

Each night is topped off with the Flight Centre Fireworks Spectacular.


1:00pm Grand Parade

1:30pm  Heritage Tractors followed by Sheep Dog Trials

4:30pm Carriage Driving – Mirror Challenge


6.45pm Sheep Dog Trial
This great Australian sport will be commented live by the judge,  so you can see and hear everything that this sport demands of sheep, the dog and the handler.

7.20pm Wood Chop  – WA vs The World
“The quick chop”  Two Skilled Axe man, one West Aussie will verse another from around the world,  be ready to cheer the home side.

7.25pm Motor Mayhem
There will be an explosion of unbelievable skills and thrills every evening at 7.25pm in the Main Arena. Witness “Shattered Silence” Monster Truck,  amazing mini dirt bikes from One10 Ministyle Demo Team, combined with the ASP FMX team of elite athletes,  performing extreme acts of skill and daring as they back flip 30ft in the air on motor bikes.

7.45pm Mascot Race  –  24-29 September
Be ready for the hilarious Mascot Race,  remember the louder you cheer,   the faster they will run, and possibly the quicker they will fall.

8.00pm  Flight Centre Fireworks Spectacular