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The Australian dairy goat industry is well placed to satisfy increasing consumer demand for alternatives to cows’ milk products. As well as the industry supports a high-quality export market for stud dairy goats. Interestingly worldwide people consume more goats milk than cow’s milk.

Five breeds compete at the Perth Royal Show: Anglo Nubian, British Alpine, Nigerian Dwarf, Saanen, and Toggenburg.

The Competition is conducted in two parts:

Part One: The Farm Skills Competition is where teams enter from college/school and points are awarded for placings in each of the twelve events.

The Farm Skills Competition consists of events such as chemical safety first aid and sheep shearing and wool handling.
Part Two: The Show Section Competition is where individuals enter Sections of the Perth Royal Show and points for places are allocated to their college/school.


Further Information

For further information contact the Event & Competition Coordinator on

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