Competition Information

The Perth Royal Bread and Pastry Awards is one of the Perth Royal Food Awards established by RASWA as a benchmark of quality and innovation.

It is WA’s premier industry competition and this year, keeping abreast of emerging consumer trends we have included new classes to find the best of the best!

With hundreds of entries received each year our dedicated and highly qualified team of judges assess factors including volume, general appearance, texture, aroma, colour and of course taste!

If you want to know where you find the best bread and pastry in Perth – this is it!

Photo Gallery

bread&pastry12 bread&pastry11 bread&pastry10 bread&pastry9 bread&pastry8 bread&pastry7 bread&pastry6 bread&pastry5 bread&pastry4 bread&pastry3 bread&pastry2 bread&pastry1

Further Information

For further information regarding the competition please contact Competition and Event Coordinator Jodie Spirek on (08) 6263 3160 or email

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