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Agricultural  colleges  from  around  Western  Australia  take  part  in  a  farm  skills  competition  that  assists  high  school  students  studying  agricultural  subjects  to  develop  expertise  and  gain  confidence  and  experience.  The  competition  tests  knowledge  and  competency  in  areas  such  as  sheep  shearing,  tractor  driving,  chemical  safety,  fence  construction,  ram  selection  and  welding.  Held  in  the  days leading up to the official opening of the Perth Royal Show to the public, the competition heralds the start of the Show’s agricultural activities. The  students  continue  to  improve  their  skills  in  the  individual  competitions  at  the  Show,  including  Cattle,  Trade  Cattle  and  Sheep.  Points  are  awarded  for  all  competitions  with  two  trophies  presented  to  the  most  successful  school  or  college from part one and part two competition.


The Competition is conducted in two parts:

Part One: The Farm Skills Competition is where teams enter from college/school and points are awarded for placings in each of the twelve events.

The Farm Skills Competition consists of events such as chemical safety first aid and sheep shearing and wool handling.
Part Two: The Show Section Competition is where individuals enter Sections of the Perth Royal Show and points for places are allocated to their college/school.
These two competitions are awarded separately.

Further Information

For further information contact the Event & Competition Coordinator on agcolleges@raswa.org.au

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